Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to Noble Commentary

Hello everyone! A newcomer has arrived into the blogging scene and his name is NoblemanNick. Remember that name! I came here to blog about video games. Which is my scene. I enjoy Anime and Manga though as well. So if I come across any really good anime and manga I'll be sure to mention it. So I'm reviewing games, but that doesn't tell you much. I'm going to review new games, old games, and even indie games. It's all good to me. I'll even bring you news on some of the hottest news and release dates. I do commentary as well. What I do is I play a game, usually something old, and comment on it. Whether I am praising the game, complaining about bugs, or yelling out of frustration at the difficulty. Now when to expect my posts. I post three times a week. Meaning you get your fix of me almost daily. This is a new blog so I need comments to give me feedback. To help me refine this blog. Whether you'd be telling me I'm a god or a total flop. Well expect a post from me soon. Happy gaming to all of you!

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