Friday, July 31, 2009

Inside Look: Dissidia/

Most of your probably heard of Square Enix's small powerhouse to hit the markets in Japan. Dissidia, in a nutshell Final Fantasy's Super Smash Bros. Combining one hero and one villain from every Final Fantasy game up to Final Fantasy X. However the game boasts a better story then SSBB. From what I can tell from playing the Japanese version of the game is that Cosmos, the good diety is battling with Chaos, the bad one. So Cosmos and Chaos call upon their strongest warriors to fight it out. In not only to having a killer roster of characters to play as, Dissidia seems to relive all the great battles from the Final Fantasy series and battles you always wanted to see who would win. I'm sure I'm not the only person whose gotten into an arguement about who would win in a fight between Cloud and Leon. Not only do you have multiple stories to play, you can link up with other PSPs and fight your friends. Releasing August 25th, you'll be playing Dissidia in no time. If you are lucky to be already playing the Japanese version then already fighting it out on your PSP. Who knew the battlefield would be so small?

In other Final Fantasy-related news, the release date for FFXIII is still a mystery. Slated to be released Spring 2010. Gamers don't have an exact day to look forward to. Unfortunatley, release dates are never set as there have already been push backs from the Japanese release dates. However this may be due to the development of FFXIII Versus and FFAXIII, so that all three games will be released simultaneously. Also trailers for FFXIV have already been presented during this years E3. This is an online counterpart much like FFXI. Also scheduled to be released somewhere in 2010. However I have to be skeptical in thinking there rushing FFXIV a bit to much. I mean releasing five Fantasy games within two years is a little crazy. But for sure Square Enix is giving their fans alot to look forward to. It's not going to be the year of the tiger rather the year of Final Fantasy. Hopefully we'll get news on exact release dates.

This concludes the post for this week. I'll be back with a new post next monday.

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