Friday, August 7, 2009

Classic: No More Heroes

First off I want to explain why I didn't post the other day. It was because all this week I've been having to go to SAT prep courses and also do some work around the house. The last review was hard to get down into my blog before my schedule swelled me up once again. Now I can start writing again. So I'm bringing you a classic as I call out. A few years ago Suda51 also known as Goichi Suda, a well-known game developer made a game which is known as "No More Heroes".

Now Suda51 has brought some of the most visual and oddest stories really. He brought killer7 a point-and-click shooter which starred a hitman with multiple personalities and an interesting DS game called "Flower, Sun, Rain: Unending Paradise". So with NMH for the Wii, it was interesting to see what he created now. Before the Wii was known for only producing family-oriented and somewhat kiddy games. A Mature rated game for the Wii was rare. Suda51 pushed the envelope on that as he brought NMH. Not only do NMH contains mass amount of gore and violence, it pushed ahrder with many sexual references and a usually thought of morally wrong character as some would say. You played Travis, an otaku who won a beam katana online. With this katana he sets out to prove himself and become rank 1# of an assassin organization. The gameplay is easy, sandbox city, get money by doing oddjobs consisting of minigames and fighting. Get enough money to pay for your chance to defeat the next assassin. Kill the assasin rinse and repeat. But teh formula worked. NMH was addictingly fun. Players could finish all their enemies with a finsihing moves that could range from decapitating them to cutting them in half vertically. As well as a crazy amount of bosses he had to face.

The game used the Wii-mechanics to some of the best seen abilities for that time. It showed how hardcore the Wii could be.
I wasn't the only one to believe that as Suda51 is developing a sequel to NMH known as "NMH: Desperate Struggle" following him to take revenge over the death of a minor character from the last game. If you have a Wii and haven't played NMH pick up a copy or rent it today.

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