Monday, August 3, 2009

Review: Wolverine Origins Uncaged Edition

Alright so we know the Wolverine movie was not up to par to all our expectations. Like a Micheal Bay movie that plot fell through trying to save itself with awesome actions scenes. As we all know that failed as well. Now we have Wolverine Origins: Uncaged Editions. Now as we all know games made to release with movies never do well. As we all now the abundance of Disney Pixar Games. Does Wolverine finally break the mold. The answer is yes, it breaks the mold and then destroys a few helicopters.

WO is a fun game, it's bloody, and gory. Something you would never expect out of a game, Wolverine is better than ever. You can excuete your opponents in so many ways that you've never imagined. If you've enjoyed games such as God of War or Devil May Cry prepare to have a nice game to play. Now unlike many movie games, WO doesn't follow the movie's story exclusivley. It has it's own story to tell which makes playing this game an entire new experience for you if you've seen the movie. So how does a badass character such as Wolverine get killed. Well the system is like this, the more damage you take the more your vital organs and skeleton is exposed. Destroying the skeleton kills you. However you regenerate over time. It's a cool experience to see his entire body recover itself real time as bullets rip into his flesh exposing his organs. Since Wolverine is an animal, he needs animal senses which he has. You can use your heightened senses to make your range of hearing enemies spotting useful things and etc. Fighting is simplified to your basic swing attacks with your claws. Heavy attacks which involves stabs and implaing your enemy and of course the usual grabs. The more you fight the more "rage" you build up. Getting this meter filled results in a blood bath of fun for you and Wolverine.

You can also use the lunge move. Which is a move that allows you to close the large gap between you and an enemy by jumping at them and stabbing them tot he ground. Allowing you to use their body as a soft bloody cusion.

Now WO isn't all great times. There are a few misses with this game. It's pretty easy to beat. The difficulty is somewhat challenging at times but you should blaze through this pretty easily and quickly. Also it get's repititive sometimes. New area, group of enemies, kill said enemies. Rinse and repeat with a few bosses, mini-bosses and action sequences thrown in. But all in all WO is bearable, which can't be said for alot of movie games. For all it's small faults it's a fun game. Not to complex, but just enough to make it a fun romp with Wolverine. I enjoy what Raven did here and how they did it. I hope this can set the bar for movie games now. So it isn't an immediate buy, but if your looking to rent a good game to relax into WO might just be your cup of tea. Hopefully we'll be able to see a new X-Men Legends game soon enough.

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